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We know that the college recruiting process can be confusing and intimidating so we’ve done some research and learned a few things along the way. One myth that got debunked is that by just going to tournaments will get you noticed by a college coach and offered a scholarship. These occurrences are far and few between. What we fail to realize is that coach was at that tournament because they were asked by a player that is interested in playing for their program. This has probably been the biggest thing that we’ve learned. If you want to play in college, no matter what division, you must reach out and make contact with that coaching staff. Write them an email introducing yourself and letting them know that you have an interest in their program. Be sure to include your high school and summer/fall travel schedules. This will go a long way in getting noticed and getting coaches at your tournaments.

Along with reaching out and making contact with the colleges you are interested in, we learned that college coaches prefer looking at skills video’s over highlight reels. Skills videos are just as important to the process as making the initial contact is. A skills video can showcase your skill sets and techniques that the college coaches will evaluate. Some college coaches won’t even open an email if they don’t see a video attachment. This does not have to be some professional video that you spend hundreds of dollars on. Just put something together that highlights you fielding, pitching, catching and hitting the ball. The video should be between five to seven minutes in length.

While researching we found a few links that are listed below that can help clarify the recruiting process for our players, players outside of our organization, parents or other coaches looking to help young athletes get that scholarship they’ve been working so hard for!



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