Valley’s 2-0-1 pool play start was cut short due to the rainy weather

For the second weekend in a row the Valley Girls were dodging rain drops but this weekend there were just to many of them and the rain won the battle.  Valley was able to get their three pool play games in before bracket play got cancelled at 7:30 on Sunday morning.  They battled to a 2-0-1 record and had the number one seed from their pool going into bracket play.

The first game on Saturday was against the Lady Diamonds.  Valley came out swinging in a big way when lead-off hitter Zoe Johnson blasted a home run on the third pitch of the game over the left center field fence.  Shelby Ries followed the long ball with a drag bunt that landed her on first safely.  The speedster Ries, steals second on the first pitch and then scored on an Annette Weston line drive to left center field.  Weston advanced to second on the attempt to get Ries at the plate.  Amber Peltz drilled a line drive to center field to score Weston in her first plate appearance of the summer.  The Lady Diamonds would get the next three batters out but trailed 3-0 after the first half inning.

Valley would have another big inning in the top of the fourth.  The inning started with fill-in player Mallory Wolf blasting a double off the left field fence to start the inning.  Wolf tagged and advanced to third on Johnson’s long fly ball to right center field.  Ries put a nice soft slap hit in play towards the short stop who decided to try and get the out at home but Wolf was just a little to quick as she slid home under the tag.  Ries proceeded to get her second and third steal of the game as she stole both second and third base.  Then scored on a passed ball.

Later in the inning, Alli Edwards would get her first career home run and it was a good one.  It cleared the right center field fence by about 30 feet.  Weston and Johnson, who was courtesy runner for the catcher Peltz, both scored on the homer.  The game ended with a 9-2 score and a 1-0 start to the weekend.  Courtney Beckley got the win in the circle.


2B: Mallory Wolf
HR: Alexandrea Edwards, Zoe Johnson
TB: Alexandrea Edwards 5, Amber Peltz 3, Courtney Beckley, Zoe Johnson 6, Annette Weston 2, Shelby Ries, Mallory Wolf 2
RBI: Alexandrea Edwards 3, Amber Peltz, Zoe Johnson, Annette Weston, Jenna Stout, Shelby Ries
ROE: Abigail Riley
FC: Jenna Stout, Shelby Ries
HBP: Alexandrea Edwards
SB: Annette Weston, Shelby Ries 3

Team QAB: 14 (42.42%)
Alexandrea Edwards 2, Amber Peltz, Courtney Beckley 2, Zoe Johnson 4, Annette Weston 3, Abigail Riley, Mallory Wolf

Team LOB: 9


E: Alexandrea Edwards, Annette Weston
DP: Shelby Ries


W: Courtney Beckley
Pitches-Strikes: Courtney Beckley 39-25, Mallory Wolf 47-28
Groundouts-Flyouts: Courtney Beckley 2-4, Mallory Wolf 3-2
First pitch strikes-Batters faced: Courtney Beckley 6-10, Mallory Wolf 7-11

Game two on Saturday wasn’t much of a game as the Valley Girls scored 19 runs on 19 hits and were on fire the entire game.  The final score was 19-0 and a 2-0 record for the weekend.  Fill-in player Abigail Riley pitched a great game and secured her first win for the team.


2B: Courtney Beckley, Zoe Johnson 2, Annette Weston, Jenna Stout, Maleah Stansbery, Mallory Wolf
3B: Alexandrea Edwards, Amber Peltz, Mallory Wolf
TB: Alexandrea Edwards 5, Amber Peltz 3, Courtney Beckley 3, Zoe Johnson 5, Annette Weston 3, Jenna Stout 2, Shelby Ries 2, Maleah Stansbery 2, Abigail Riley 2, Mallory Wolf 5
RBI: Alexandrea Edwards 3, Amber Peltz, Courtney Beckley, Zoe Johnson 3, Annette Weston 2, Jenna Stout 2, Shelby Ries, Maleah Stansbery, Abigail Riley 2, Mallory Wolf 2
ROE: Zoe Johnson, Jenna Stout, Shelby Ries, Maleah Stansbery
SB: Zoe Johnson, Annette Weston, Shelby Ries

Team QAB: 22 (57.89%)
Alexandrea Edwards 2, Amber Peltz 3, Courtney Beckley 2, Zoe Johnson 3, Annette Weston 2, Jenna Stout 4, Shelby Ries, Maleah Stansbery, Abigail Riley, Mallory Wolf 3

Team LOB: 7


E: Annette Weston


W: Abigail Riley
Pitches-Strikes: Abigail Riley 47-31
Groundouts-Flyouts: Abigail Riley 5-3
First pitch strikes-Batters faced: Abigail Riley 9-14

The third game ended up being the biggest challenge of the day as the Valley girls battled the Ohio Warriors Gold to a 6-6 tie after time expired.  Valley finally won a coin flip and were the home team for a change.

The game started with a lead-off infield single and a stolen base for the Warriors.  But that’s all the further the lead-off hitter would make it as Valley got out of the top half with a strike-out, a fly out to Weston in center field and a pop up to Ries at Short.

Valley put two runs on the board in the bottom of the first inning to take an early lead.  Ries got the inning started on a slap hit back at the pitcher that created an error and safe at first.  Ries then nabs her fifth steal of the weekend on the first pitch to advance to second.  Edwards got a shot right back up the middle to center field that scored Ries and Edwards hustled all the way around to third on the throw to the plate.  Alexis Renner, in her first at bat of the weekend hit a double over the center fielders head that scored Edwards and gave Valley a 2-0 lead.

The second inning was a quick one as the Warriors sent three to the plate and came away with three outs.  Valley also struggled in the second inning as they got one hit out of four plate appearances in the inning.  Maleah Stansbery had a two out line drive single to center field but was stranded at first.

The Warriors would tie the game up in the top of the third.  The inning started with lead-off walk followed by a sacrifice bunt to advance the runner into scoring position.  The Warriors would end the top half with two runs to tie the game before Valley would recapture the lead by the end of the bottom half 5-2.

The bottom half would start with Wolf getting a single to center field followed by a long fly out by Johnson.  Ries would then lay down a beautiful drag bunt to reach first safely and advance Wolf to second.  Edwards came to the plate and laid down a perfect push bunt that found its way between the charging third baseman and pitcher and past the short stop who was moving towards third for bunt coverage before the ball came to a stop in no mans land in shallow left field.  Wolf would score all the way from second, Ries made it to third and Edwards hustled her way down to second on the play.  Renner followed all that with an RBI ground out that scored Ries and moved Edwards to third base who would score on a passed ball for the third run of the inning.

The Warriors came right back and scored three in the top of the fourth and one more in the fifth to take a 6-5 lead.  Valley could not answer in the fifth as they got out of the inning just a few minutes before the time limit would expire.

The Valley defense would produce a one, two, three out inning in the top of the 6th.  Now heading to the bottom of the sixth, it was Valley’s last chance to capture another win.  Valley needed one to tie and two for the win.

The inning would start with Edwards hitting a hard shot to left center that netted her a double, but being the aggressive base running team that Valley is and some miscommunication between her and Coach Johnson at third, she got picked off coming into third.  Valley’s aggressive base running also cost them another run in the fifth inning as Wolf tried to make it home on a passed ball that didn’t quite make it far enough away from the catcher.  She would get tagged out sliding into home.

With a little help from the Warriors defense, Valley was able to get a run in the sixth to tie the game but nothing more.  The final score ended with a 6-6 tie.  Beckley would get the no decision tie in the circle.


2B: Alexis Renner, Alexandrea Edwards
TB: Alexis Renner 2, Alexandrea Edwards 4, Courtney Beckley, Shelby Ries, Maleah Stansbery 2, Mallory Wolf 2
RBI: Alexis Renner 2, Alexandrea Edwards 2
SAC: Shelby Ries
ROE: Annette Weston, Jenna Stout, Shelby Ries
HBP: Alexis Renner
SB: Shelby Ries
CS: Mallory Wolf

Team QAB: 11 (36.67%)
Alexis Renner, Alexandrea Edwards, Amber Peltz, Courtney Beckley 2, Zoe Johnson 2, Shelby Ries, Maleah Stansbery 2, Mallory Wolf

Team LOB: 6


E: Zoe Johnson


WP: Courtney Beckley
Pitches-Strikes: Courtney Beckley 88-60
Groundouts-Flyouts: Courtney Beckley 5-10
First pitch strikes-Batters faced: Courtney Beckley 16-29

For the weekend Valley would score 34 runs on 42 hits while only giving up 8 runs on defense.  They had 27 singles, 10 doubles, three triples and two home runs. 30 of the 34 runs scored was the result of an RBI.  Valley would end the weekend with a team batting average of .447 and eight stolen bases.

After struggling to find gaps last weekend, Edwards came out in a big way this weekend and hit the ball all over the field.  She led the team in several categories this weekend starting with an impressive .889 batting average, eight hits, five singles, eight RBI, .900 OBP, 1.556 SLG and 2.456 OPS.  Edwards also hit her first career home run this weekend.

Valley ended with six other girls hitting .400 or better.  They were Mallory Wolf at .714, Johnson at .545, Renner and Peltz at .500 with Beckley and Ries both ending with a .400 average.  Every girl that came to the plate this weekend netted at least one hit.  Behind Edwards eight hits was Johnson with six, Wolf with five, Peltz, Weston, Beckley and Ries all had four, Stansbery with three, Riley with two and Renner and Stout each had a hit.

Eight different girls hit a double over the weekend.  Wolf and Johnson each had two with Edwards, Renner, Weston, Beckley, Stout and Stansbery each with one.  Edwards, Peltz and Wolf each had a triple while Johnson and Edwards both hit a home run.

Every Valley Girl that came to the plate this weekend also had at least one RBI and a run scored.  Leading the way was Edwards with 8 RBI, Johnson with four, Weston and Stout with three.  Riley, Renner, Peltz, Wolf and Ries each had two RBI with Beckley and Stansbery each adding one.

Ries would lead the team in steals with five of the eight the team had.  Weston had two and Johnson ended with one stolen base.

The pitching duties this week were handled by Beckley, Riley and Wolf.  Beckley led the way with nine innings pitched, gave up eight hits, six earned runs, four batters walked and had five strike-outs.  Riley would see four innings of action, gave up two hits, zero runs, one walked batter and three strike-outs.  Wolf contributed two innings in the circle.  She gave up two hits, two unearned runs, two walks and a strike out.  The trio combined for 2.80 ERA and an opponent batting average of just .218.  Valley was sharp on defense once again as they finished the weekend with a team fielding percentage of .931.

The weekend ended after pool play with a 2-0-1 record and that kept the girls without a loss on the summer and a 9-0-1 record through two weekends of play.

This coming Fathers Day weekend the Valley Girls will play local for a change.  They play their first game Friday, June 15th at 6:00 p.m. at Strasburg Franklin Park on field 9 against Ohio Bulldawgs Elite.  This game the team will be supporting a little different look as six of the team members have earned First Team Best of Tusc Preps awards and their banquet is  Friday evening from 6-9 p.m.  The team will play with four girls that will fill-in for them in that Friday evening game.

Valley’s other two pool play games will be Saturday, June 16th at 9:25 a.m. versus the Pittsburgh Power on field nine and their last pool game at 1:15 p.m. on field nine versus Wicked Fastpitch.

With the local tournament the Valley Girls are hoping to see more family, friends and fans at the games that can’t normally make a two hour trip to watch the team play.


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Valley Girls Softball

We are a Class A 16u Travel Softball Team made up of 11 athletes from 9 area schools spanning 4 counties. Those Schools are Garaway, Dover, Tuscarawas Central Catholic, Indian Valley, East Canton, New Philadelphia, Claymont, Chippewa & Stow Monroe Falls High Schools. The Counties we represent are Tuscarawas, Stark, Wayne & Summit Counties.

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